6 September 2017

Women financing: A case study on LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited

Women face huge social and economic burdens while very few societies across developing countries accord equal treatment between men and women.

Access to finance is critical to economic and social empowerment of women. Sustained independent sources of income for women translates to access to education and better nutrition for their children. Enhanced financial independence grants stronger voice with their households and communities. LAPO MfB's prioritization of access to finance for women is premised on these facts and it has been instrumental to the success of the institution as a foremost microfinance services provider in Nigeria. Download this case study and find out:
  • strategies that are adopted by LAPO for women financing including financial literacy and health empowerment
  • key lessons in prioritizing finance for female-led enterprises
  • and testimonials from women in using LAPO products and services

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