AFI COVID-19 Policy Response

AFI COVID-19 Policy Response aims to deliver systematic, effective and coordinated policy responses to help AFI members mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on financial inclusion policy implementation, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises and the most vulnerable segments of the population. The AFI Response combines quick, needs-based, highly practical and high-impact interventions that enable the implementation of rapid response policies and regulations in highly-affected countries. It is structured to meet members’ needs in the short and medium term. 

Since the offset of the crisis, we have taken stock and compiled a comprehensive dashboard on AFI members’ policy responses that address the impact of COVID-19. It is updated daily at 15:00 Malaysia time. The dashboard is intended for peer learning and tailoring policy response interventions. 


AFI is also conducting a series of virtual engagements with members, tailored to engage technical teams and leadership across the network, as well as address region-specific issues. The virtual meetings are set up to deliberate and present practical policy responses that have the potential to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on financial inclusion objectives set out by our members. To enrich the experience, we will also tap into our key strategic partners from outside the network to share their practices on relevant policy responses.

As part of our efforts to effectively design policy response support, AFI is also conducting a series of member needs surveys shaped to capture specific policy needs and address the effects of COVID-19 on financial inclusion. The information and resolutions developing through peer programs will enable AFI to devise rapid policy response guidelines, structure in-country implementation support facilities and align 2020 deliverables that reflect the current challenges facing the network.

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Statement on Post-COVID-19 Recovery

AFI's Statement on Post-COVID-19 Recovery aims to enhance the network’s commitment on restoring the momentum for achieving financial inclusion goals bearing in mind the need to be vigilant to mitigate risks that may jeopardize the network's financial inclusion goals.



Special Report

Our Special Report highlights key gender-related issues facing society during the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the specific gender-sensitive financial inclusion responses that policymakers can undertake to ensure their mitigation and recovery activities are fully inclusive and work towards the network’s commitments in the Denarau Action Plan.

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Watch AFI webinars on AFI COVID-19 Policy Response and learn on set of responses inside AFI network.

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News & Blogs

AFI members are actively implementing policy actions to support economies responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more:

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