AFI’s COVID-19 Policy Response aims to deliver systematic, effective and coordinated policy responses to help AFI members mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on financial inclusion policy implementation, especially for women, youth, micro, small and medium enterprises and other vulnerable segments of the population.

It combines quick, needs-based, practical and high-impact interventions that enable the implementation of response and recovery policies and regulations in developing and emerging market economies. It is structured to meet members’ needs in the short and medium term.

AFI’s Statement on Post-COVID-19 Recovery aims to enhance the network’s commitment on restoring the momentum for achieving financial inclusion goals while remaining vigilant in mitigating risks that may jeopardize the network’s financial inclusion goals.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have taken stock and compiled a comprehensive dashboard of policy responses implemented by AFI members that address the impact of COVID-19. Updated periodically with new and timestamped data, the dashboard is intended to enhance peer learning and the tailoring of policy response interventions that support an inclusive, resilient and sustainable post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

The highly-interactive dashboard highlights:

AFI’s COVID-19 Policy Response Dashboard:

For more information download the database:

Further strengthening knowledge exchange across the network, AFI conducts virtual engagements with technical teams and leaders at member institutions that address specific challenges, including at the regional level.

These meetings foster crucial deliberation and the presentation of practical policy responses that have the potential to alleviate the impacts of COVID-19 on financial inclusion objectives, as set out by our members. Key strategic partners from outside the network may also be invited to share their practices on relevant policy responses.

As part of ongoing efforts to effectively design and deliver policy response support, AFI also conducts member needs surveys to capture specific policy needs and practices that address the economic impacts of COVID-19 on financial inclusion.

Evidence-based and data-driven information and resolutions developed through peer learning programs enable AFI to devise rapid policy response guidelines, structure in-country implementation support facilities and align future deliverables that reflect the realities and challenges faced on the ground by network members.


Watch webinars on the AFI COVID-19 Policy Response and learn more about the set of responses across AFI network.

The AFI network-wide webinar facilitated a platform for the participating institutions to discuss some of the policy and regulatory interventions to the COVID-19 crisis drawn by the select member institutions. The webinar was focused on financial inclusion and specifically on financial inclusion and specifically Digital Financial Services (DFS) related interventions targeting small businesses, poor and other

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The AFI network-wide webinar with BigTech leaders, ecosystem experts and financial regulators discusses the role of BigTechs and digital platforms in response to the global emergency, the linkages on deepening financial inclusion, as well as how these technology players align and support regulatory measure and policy interventions. Topics covered include: digital infrastructure resilience, provision of essential

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