Amplifying the voice of network members is pivotal to the global discourse on financial inclusion policies, in finding solutions to its challenges and enabling greater visibility and prominence. New insight based on the practical implementation of high-impact policies from across the network accelerate the achievement of global financial inclusion goals, particularly in cross-cutting thematic areas such as gender, green and digital technology.

The network’s experiences in providing and implementing guidance requires global support to act as a catalyst for enhanced collaboration in tackling the complex challenges facing members and the wider financial inclusion community. Furthermore, financial inclusion policies must be in line with international financial standards to further accelerate effective long-term achievements.

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AFI publishes financial inclusion regulatory and policy guidance based on peer learning, cooperation and a bottom-up approach.

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This survey report provides insights on the regulatory landscape of the usage of FinTech to increase access to financing for MSMEs and the overall promotion of financial inclusion.
Despite the global pandemic, AFI network members were swift to implement policy responses and leverage the peer learning and knowledge sharing platforms offered by our working groups and regional initiatives in pursuit of better financial inclusion for all.
The key focus of this report was to share the learnings and experiences of enabling FinTech ecosystems from developing and developed country financial regulators, private sector and other key stakeholders. 
This Guideline Note presents key considerations for regulators and policymakers to understand, develop, facilitate policies and design interventions at advancing digital financial literacy. 
The outsourcing of banking activities has grown rapidly in recent years, and forecasts suggest that this trend is likely to continue in the near future.
To ensure that actions continue to be undertaken and avoid a loss of momentum, it is crucial to deploy an effective financial inclusion pandemic crisis management taskforce (FIPCMT). Find out more in this policy note.

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