28 May 2020

2020 AFI GPF in Jordan postponed until 2021

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s (AFI) Board of Directors has agreed to postpone the 2020 AFI Global Policy Forum (GPF), co-hosted with the Central Bank of Jordan, to minimize risks involved following the outbreak of COVID-19. Originally due to be held on 7–11 September 2020 in Dead Sea region, the AFI Board made the decision to postpone the network’s flagship event until 2021 based on internal assessments by the AFI Management Unit and Central Bank of Jordan.

Ensuring the health and safety of our members and staff is our foremost concern. Hosting a successful largescale event amid the ongoing pandemic carries exposure to risks including infection, travel constraints and logistical challenges, such as social distancing requirements. This is the first time that the annual event has been postponed since its inception in 2009.

“We were delighted to host AFI members in Jordan this year, but unfortunately the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak has changed the plans for this year. The health and wellbeing of all participants are our utmost concern and therefore we will postpone the GPF to next year 2021”, noted H.E Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan Dr. Ziad Fariz.

“We believe that the global nature of this crises has unfolded new challenges and opportunities, which will certainly enrich our exchange next year while focusing our efforts on being more economically and socially resilient. These times call for more inclusive policies, therefore we at CBJ remain dedicated to financial inclusion matters and will serve our network to bring more effective policies alive”, highlighted Governor Fariz.

Despite the rescheduling, the AFI Annual General Meeting will proceed as initially planned on 9 September 2020, with members convening virtually to facilitate decision-making by the AFI Membership Council on key strategic matters. These include the submission of the Annual Report and Audited Financial Report of AFI, the adoption of Financial Inclusion Policy Models, and ratification of appointments to AFI’s Board Committees for the term 2020-2022. Amid these uncertain times, it is vital that the network carries on making strategic decisions on the future of global policy leadership and respond effectively to the needs of members.

“As the fallout from COVID-19 causes many to focus inwardly, we must continue to strengthen the cooperation model of our Alliance based on transparency, tolerance and mutual respect. Our work and collaboration show that AFI model is efficient and important in not only achieving financial inclusion, but also social and economic inclusion around the world,” AFI Executive Director Dr. Alfred Hannig noted.

Logistics details about the holding of the AFI Annual General Meeting will be shared with members shortly.

As we continue to navigate emerging risks and opportunities, building resilient economies and learning how to mitigate crises will be among key topics of discussion at next year’s AFI GPF in Jordan.

“While the repercussion of COVID-19 threatens to dismantle many recent development milestones, financial inclusion offers one of the few solutions available to immediately address the issues facing hard-hit economies across the AFI network,” AFI’s Dr. Hannig explained.

The 2021 AFI GPF in Jordan will bring together the AFI membership and wider financial inclusion community to unite as a global movement and share learnings, experiences and practices in rebuilding economies following the shocks caused by the pandemic.

We look forward to welcoming you and coming together to foster resilient and sustainable global financial inclusion community, our regions, and individual economies.

About GPF
The AFI GPF is the world’s flagship annual meeting of financial inclusion policymakers. It convenes member institutions from across AFI’s diverse network of central banks, ministries of finance and other financial regulators as well as key financial inclusion stakeholders, including representatives from global standard setting bodies; the private sector; international organizations; academia; technical experts; and research institutions.

For updates on the 2021 GPF including programs and dates, please refer to AFI GPF page.

About AFI
AFI is the world’s leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation. Roughly 100 member institutions make up the AFI network including central banks, ministries of finance and other financial regulators from over 80 developing and emerging countries. AFI works on empowering policymakers to increase access and usage of quality financial services for the underserved through formulation, implementation and global advocacy of sustainable and inclusive policies. www.afi-global.org

About Central Bank of Jordan
Central Bank of Jordan is the central bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan whose vision is to maintain monetary and financial stability, thereby contributing to the achievement of economic and social growth. In addition to issuing currency and maintaining gold and foreign exchanges, the central bank provides safe and efficient national payments systems, promotes financial inclusion and protects financial customers. http://www.cbj.gov.jo/

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