23 February 2024

Plans ongoing for AFI’s 2024-2025 Arab Region initiative


AFI’s Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (ARFIPI) has defined its priorities for the next two years. ARFIPI’s Expert Group on Financial Inclusion Policy (EGFIP) met this week to outline priority policy areas and upcoming activities, including organizing a capacity-building event, as well as celebrating Arab Financial Inclusion Day on April 27th.

Discussions focused on how to support target populations, especially women, youth, MSMEs, and forcibly displaced populations. Members also discussed the logo for the new initiative (to be released soon) and approved the minutes of January’s first EGFIP meeting.

The meeting was attended by all members who have endorsed the ARFIPI charter, representing institutions from Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.

The EGFIP will be chaired by Bank Al-Maghrib, through its representative Mrs. Ibtissam El-Anzaoui.

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