Pacific Islands Regional Initiative (PIRI) Members in Fiji

5 June 2024

AFI’s Pacific Island members launch roadmap for Inclusive Green Finance

AFI members in the Pacific region are spearheading efforts to use financial inclusion as a mechanism to build resilience to the impact of climate change.

Today, in Fiji, AFI members endorsed the Natadola Roadmap to Inclusive Green Finance (IGF) in the Pacific, which sets ambitious targets, including the development of regional IGF projects, enhanced knowledge and capacity building among members, and strengthened partnerships.

Pacific Islands Regional Initiative (PIRI) leaders must continue to collaborate to find workable and sustainable solutions that will enhance our transition to greener economies and have better resilience over climate change risks via the Natadola Regional Roadmap to IGF in the Pacific” said Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor and AFI Board Chair, Ariff Ali.

“The Natadola Roadmap to Inclusive Green Finance represents a significant step towards integrating sustainable practices, inclusive policies and collective action into our financial systems in the region,” said Dr. Eliki Boletawa, AFI’s Director of Policy Programs & Implementation. “This roadmap will guide our efforts to develop policies that not only mitigate climate risks and build resilience but also promote financial inclusion for the most vulnerable populations.”

The endorsement of the Natadola Roadmap by AFI’s Pacific Region members will spur further innovation around Inclusive Green Finance, helping to ensure that financial systems are inclusive, adaptive, and supportive of green transitions.

AFI’s IGF workstream and the development of the Natadola Roadmap have been supported by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

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