AFI working group members during virtual meetings in 2021.

31 March 2021

Working group members celebrated for a year of triumphs


Congratulations to working group members for a year of first-rate successes and achievements that are helping bring the world’s unbanked greater access to quality and inclusive financial services.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from meeting in person over the past 12 months, it also catapulted financial inclusion into the global consciousness for offering one of the few immediate critical solutions as a response to the crisis, as well as towards achieving a more sustainable and resilient future, particularly for vulnerable groups. Despite these unprecedented challenges, working groups succeeded in maintaining their drive and focus, as demonstrated by the working groups combined output of 23 knowledge products, 13 management meetings and 26 technical webinars in 2020.

In appreciation of your hard work and unwavering commitment, AFI would like to recognize standout working group members in five categories (listed below), based on a variety of criteria, including member survey responses. The recipients in each working group and category were announced during the recent working group meetings with each recipient having received a digital certificate of their achievement.

Recognitions were given in all seven of AFI’s working groups: Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct Working Group (CEMCWG), Digital Financial Services Working Group (DFSWG), Financial Inclusion Data Working Group (FIDWG), Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group (FISPLG), Global Standards Proportionality Working Group (GSPWG), Inclusive Green Finance Working Group (IGFWG) and SME Finance Working Group (SMEFWG).

Each working group acts a key source of policy development and trends in financial inclusion and serve as “communities of practice” on crucial financial inclusion issues. Together, they form the primary mechanism for generating and hosting knowledge within the AFI network and provide a platform for knowledge exchanges and peer learning that allow policymakers to share, deliberate and deepen their knowledge and understanding of key financial inclusion issues.

Once again, a huge congratulations to working group members for their dedication and perseverance in bringing quality financial services to the unbanked!

  1. Working group fellow

Most consistent working group representative. Members with the highest rates of attendance, participation and activity at working group meetings.

  1. Peer reviewer

Peer reviewer recognizes members who exemplify the ethos of knowledge exchange and sharing by dedicating their time to review and comment on the country policies and intervention of other member institutions.

  1. Working group advocate

Working group advocate recognizes members who represented AFI on the global stage by appearing as experts or speakers at non-working group events and training, representing the network at various international forums or by publishing blogs and actively disseminating knowledge products through different channels, such as social media.

  1. Subgroup deliverable champion

Subgroup deliverable champion recognizes the subgroup members who have completed their deliverables, including case studies, guideline notes, policy frameworks, policy models and other knowledge products.

  1. Working group virtual champion

A new category that recognizes members who attended all virtual events for their working group and were highly responsive across the various virtual platforms used.


Meet who are the recipients in each working group and category.

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