7 December 2023

How to implement Inclusive Green Finance policy? AFI members exchange insight in Kuala Lumpur

Over 30 AFI member institutions have attended a four-day Joint Learning Program in Kuala Lumpur, exploring how to implement Inclusive Green Finance (IGF) policy. 

“Our network has long recognized the role of financial inclusion in building resilience and mitigating climate risks, as well as encouraging climate adaptation amongst vulnerable groups,” said AFI’s Chief Operations Officer, Soo Yuen Chee. “Having developed policies and initiatives to incorporate environmental and climate risk into their regulatory and supervisory functions, many members are now in the critical implementation phase.”  

“While implementing effective Inclusive Green Finance policies is increasingly seen as a crucial part of a central bank’s mandate, it is a relatively a new mandate for them.” said Madhurantika Moulick, AFI’s Head of Capacity Building. “The opportunity to learn what other central banks are doing, and to capture the collective insight and recommendations of the global AFI network, is invaluable.”  

“The exchange of knowledge and first-hand experience is precious,” agreed AFI Capacity Building Manager, Hamizi Hamzah. “The fact that our members have travelled from around the world speaks to the importance they place in Inclusive Green Finance, and the value they get from peer learning.” 

The Joint Learning Program is supported by AFI’s Multi-Donor Financial Inclusion Policy Implementation Facility (MD-PIF) and the Government of Luxembourg. 



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